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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Appeal to the Outside World: - Israeli Electric Outrage Inflict Serious Damage on Gaza Strip Hospitals

The Israel intention to inflict pain, injury, and evil on its neighbour the Palestinians, became once again the grime reality facing thousands of Gaza strip residents. In the late afternoon on Friday, parts of the electricity supply , from the vital "Baghdad " line was cut of in large areas in Gaza Strip including Gaza City.

Thousands of residents were thrown into darkness, encountering the bitterly cold weather, without having heath in their homes.Even more serious and dangerous is the monstrous offense of evil, that are effecting medical centers dependent on electric supply from the "Baghdad" line - many medical centers including hospitals were on Friday night immersed into darkness.

The "Baghdad" line is extremely important for medical centers, in particular the Emergency medical center at the Al-Shifaa Hospital in Gaza City.The director of the Gaza electric company has appealed to humanitarian and international human rights organizations to intervene.The situation is serious, Gaza City already endures power outages of up to 24 hours/day - the two electric transformers in Gaza Strip has been targeted and bombed several times by the Israelis air strikes.

The Islamic Republic of Qatar announced on Wednesday, that 5.5 million US dollars will be funded in emergency aid to the Gaza Strip.The aid will be used for basic medical supplies, food stationary supply . Some of the money will be used to repair the Gaza Strip sewage system, badly damaged by the Israelis bombardments.More