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Saturday, 31 March 2007

A Brief look at British violations of Iranian territory

The British media and officials have launched a wave of propaganda campaign against Iran immediately after Iranian border guards arrested British marines who had violated Iranian territorial waters on March 23.

Regardless of the GPS surveys monitored by Iran and offered to the British government, they insist that the British navy has not violated Iranian waters.

Under the current circumstances, the US officials and media have rushed to support the British officials in their insistence that they had not violated Iranian territorial waters in order to put pressure on Iran.

The British insistence on non-violation comes when both the US and UK military forces have violated Iranian territory on land, at sea and in the air and Iran has compiled documents to prove such trespasses.

British marine Mrs. Faye Turney has acknowledged to the trespass and made an apology for it.

Let's have a brief look at violations of Iranian territory by the British armed forces:
1. British unmanned reconnaissance plane RPV violated Iranian airspace in northeastern Abadan in June 2004 and was hit by Iranian anti-aircraft guns. RPV debris is available.

2. At 11 O'clock local time on June 22, 2004, three British speed boats with eight navy personnel on board trespassed Iranian borders and were arrested by Iranian coast guards.

3. At 21:30 local time on November 1, 2006, two British Black awks (choppers) from Royal Navy hovered at the height of 150 meters at 47,700-17,400 coordinates on Khorramshahr map (Pole-No: new bridge) violating Iranian airspace and they entered Iraqi territory through 62,500-15,500 coordinates after 10 minutes. continue