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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Ten Neo-Commandments

"Satire doesn’t stand a chance against reality anymore," a comedian lamented way back in the 1950’s. And reality has continued to steal satire’s thunder ever since. The front page these days looks more and more like some hybrid between the soap operas and the comic strips. And the political arena still resembles a circus.

But, hey, this is all but officially a "neo-conservative" administration, so maybe we need a neo-decalogue, or the Ten Neo-Commandments, as they have come down in reverse order from Mount Bushmore.

10. Thou shalt not meddle in the affairs of other nations.
9. Though shalt not threaten other nations.
8. Though shalt not trample thy neighbor’s land.
7. Though shalt not bomb thy neighbor’s homes.
6. Though shalt not covet thy neighbor’s oil
5. Thou shalt not "destabilize" thy neighbor’s government.
4. Thou shalt not impede thy neighbor’s commerce.
3. Though shalt not abuse thy prisoners.
2. Thou shalt not bear false witness against other nations.
1. Thou shalt not do as we do.