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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Public Executions


280 US Citizens Murdered By Cop Tasers Since 2001

Chicago Cops Taser 82-Yr Old Mentally Ill Grandma


Police shot diabetic in coma with Taser - because they thought he was suicide bomber

A diabetic in a coma and in need of urgent medical attention was shot with a stun gun by police who feared he was a suicide bomber.

Nicholas Gaubert's bizarre ordeal happened just six days after the July 7 bombings with the country in a state of high alert.

But apart from wearing a rucksack and being on a bus, he is bewildered as to how he could be mistaken for a terrorist.

Last night he accused police of using him for "target practice".

A spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed Mr Gaubert was "mistakenly treated as a potential security threat when he was, in fact, in a hypoglycaemic state".

He added: "The IPCC must determine whether any disciplinary matters need to be considered against the officers involved."


Mr. Dziekanski was the 18th person to die since July 2003 after being hit by a Taser in Canada, a country where the weapons may be owned only by police forces. Amnesty International estimates that in the United States, a country with roughly nine times the population of Canada, 280 people have died after being struck by police Tasers since 2001. Tasers can also be used by civilians in many states.

Alex Neve, the secretary general of Amnesty International in Canada, which has called for a suspension of Taser use, said, “There is a very good likelihood that the Taser was used well before the situation called for it.”

Citizens Guide to Surviving a Police Encounter (US)