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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

High Schoolers Get In Bush's Face About Torture

Yesterday, President George Bush thought he was going to a typical White House East Room photo op with this year's Presidential Scholars after which he planned to give a rah-rah speech in favor of the renewal of No Child Left Behind. Little did he know that the Scholars had a little surprise prepared for him. Prior to entering the room, they handed him a letter signed by 50 of their number asking that he treat the detainees in Guantanamo Bay humanely. Can you say courageous? The President was caught off guard, but he read the letter and guaranteed the young people that the United States does not mistreat its prisoners.

In a world where many adults think it's just fine to poke fun at teenagers or rake them over the coals for being stupid, lazy and mercenary, it feels good to report that those silly adults have got it all wrong. As we News Hounds have learned in the past few weeks, high school students bravely and successfully faced down the vicious and bombastic Bill O'Reilly. And now they have exercised their rights as Americans to personally address their President. Newshounds