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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Where have all the viewers gone?

CNN: Maybe they're outside in the garden. They could be playing softball. Or perhaps they're just plain bored.

In TV's worst spring in recent memory, a startling number of Americans drifted away from television the past two months: More than 2.5 million fewer people were watching ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox than at the same time last year, statistics show.

Everyone has a theory to explain the plummeting ratings: early Daylight Savings Time, more reruns, bad shows, more shows being recorded or downloaded or streame

Dear totally clueless idiot.
Your former viewers are NOT in the garden.
Your former viewers are NOT playing softball.
Your former viewers are NOT abducted by aliens.

Your former viewers are happy and healthy and sitting right here reading blogs like this one BECAUSE YOUR FORMER VIEWERS DO NOT LIKE BEING LIED TO, and THAT is why they are turning off their TV sets.