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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Father of soldier killed in Iraq says: 'I could strangle Tony Blair'

The latest British soldier to be killed in Iraq died in a ‘ pointless war’ for which Tony Blair must answer, his grief-stricken father said last night.

Private Kevin Thompson, 21, was hit by a roadside bomb as he drove in a supply convoy through Basra on Thursday.

He was flown back to Britain for treatment but died on Sunday morning with his family at his bedside. His death brought the number of British fatalities in Iraq to 148 (BS number).

Last night his father Mark said that the situation in Iraq had become a "pointless war", adding: "I could strangle Tony Blair. So many young men have died fighting in Iraq when they shouldn't be there in the first place."

Private Thompson's grandfather died two weeks ago and the family last saw him when he was granted compassionate leave to attend the funeral. At his home in Lancaster, his father said: "When Kevin was over for the funeral he said morale among our soldiers was very low.

Kevin's mother Theresa, 41, wept as she said: "It's the news every parent of a soldier dreads. Tony Blair has a lot to answer for."