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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Organized Jewry Now Trying to Convince Society That Fathers Rights Groups are "Haters."

Fathers Canada 4 Justice

Father’s rights groups around the world were reported in the Status of Women report entitled "School Success by Gender" which said fathers rights groups were hate crime groups, pedophiles and pornographers.

Nazi Hunters are now testifying in court for Feminists against Fathers Rights Groups for "Hate Crimes". The Government funded report lists Men's groups for allegedly promoting hatred, while this feminist hit list (black list), published by the Canadian government, was used to intimidate and threaten men and fathers. So who's really supporting hate speech in Canada?
Police State in Canada

What we are seeing today is a new type of promotion of a system of world government, and the tyrannical measures that accompany it. Governments have seized upon the popular issue of Fathers Rights, but not in a supportive light. The New Extremist Feminist World Order movement, is being put in place using radical feminist reports in Canada, who believe it is their right to silence any criticism by fathers rights advocates in any country. Fathers who dare speak out against the injustices handed down to men and children in family law. It has been the desire of power hungry organizations, and the individuals running them for many years, to keep fatherhood beaten down, as their funding depends on it.

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