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Monday, 15 October 2007

NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL conference banned censored in Irvine, California:

Here is an archive link for the NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL broadcast from yesterday (Hesham Tillawi of on RBN and Mike Rivero's 'What Really Happened' broadcast as well):

The Zionists tried to shut down the NO WARS FOR ISRAEL Conference, or you could call it the first World Anti-Zionism Conference, BUT they did not succeed.

They certainly threw a monkey wrench into things but we all arose to the challenge of rearranging our plans for finding another venue for it — in fact, we found two!

Almost all of the speakers showed up, and we had around 50 people in the audience --- we were all troopers to stick with it, because there were so many twists and turns and delays.

We certainly enjoyed meeting all kinds of interesting people, both the speakers and the attendees who came from such far-flung places as Australia and South Africa and from around the USA. We had Christians, Muslims, agnostics and even two rabbis from the anti-Zionist organization of Neturei Karta attended.

We had a march to protest the Zionists’ interference with our conference outside of the Marriott where we were staying, and then we began the conference— the first day in a church hall and the next day in a ballroom! More..

Life is certainly full of surprises, isn’t it?
Re: AIPAC pushing US to War with Iran for Israel:

Here is a tiny URL of the above one: