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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Drunken Saudi diplomat caught in Uzbekistan

A visiting Saudi diplomat's drunken misconduct in Uzbekistan feeds the speculation that Saudi officials switch religious allegiance as they travel abroad.

The official, named Aala Nazi Saad, was sighted for instances of disturbing of public peace, abuse and damage to private property on the Christmas Eve, Uzbek radio, Central Asia reported.

Saad was reportedly thrown out of a local nightclub where he had drunken enough to lose control and display immorality.

He then crashed his car into a parked vehicle, fought with its owner and hurled abuses at him before fleeing the scene.

The radio station voiced its concern and surprise that such officials are 'Muslims' within their own borders but forsake their religion as soon as they leave their homelands.

Wahhabism, an extremely intolerant interpretation of Islam, is the official religion in Saudi Arabia.

Wahabbists are notorious for imposing severe strictures on females and using political influence to oppress the Kingdom's Shia minority. The Saudi Wahhabists, also known as Salafis, have been further blamed for fueling and funding terrorism against Shia Muslims as well as others across the world. PresssTV