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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Uranium Weapons - Does anyone care about our planet?

Our planet is truly a wonderful place but under the umbrella, that we call our atmosphere, lies a cocktail of uranium aerosols waiting to claim its next victim. Many countries donate to this contamination such as the US, UK, Israel, NATO member states, China and Russia etc

Why would the UN, WHO, US, UK, NATO and IDF allow this to happen and why do they continue manufacturing and using weapons containing uranium? The answer came from the Belgium Foreign Minister when he was asked if it was possible to prohibit DU, he replied "We can't do it, because NATO and the UN aren't encouraging it". The Belgian Parliament overturned the reluctance of the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Defence by voting unanimously to prohibit DU ammunition from the 20th of June 2009. One would never have imagined that Belgium, the heart of NATO, would have made such a bold move. More

Part 2: Uranium Weapons - Does anyone care about our planet?

Secondary Contamination is now progressively underway in Gaza