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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Israel illegally annexes another Palestinian village

The Israeli occupation regime is continuing its policies of expansion, aggression, and humiliation of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories.

Wiping Palestine off the map
Contrary to the decision taken by the Israeli authorities in 2006, they have annexed the Palestinian village of Beit Iksa by placing it on the map west of the apartheid wall.

The fact that Israel took full possession of the village on Tuesday and declared it part of Jerusalem (al-Quds) means that some 3,000 Palestinians will be allowed to enter Israel without any permits but they will also be isolated from the West Bank.

The Israeli government of former prime minister Ehud Olmert in 2006 had decided not to annex the village after his predecessor Ariel Sharon had decided in 2003 that the village would be on the Israeli side of the illegal wall.

Olmert had decided on the new route of the apartheid wall, which was only 200 meters away from the Green Line, after recommendations by the Israeli police and security forces that the Palestinian village should not be on the Israeli side of the wall as this would allow thousands of Palestinians free access to Israel.

The route of the wall was never officially approved by the Israeli cabinet as it is still awaiting a response from the police and the security services. PressTV