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Monday, 17 August 2009

How to Deprogram a Jewphile

The Jews have raped the minds of the American People. The Jews have us mass murdering Iraqis and Afghanistanis. The Jews have us hating Muslims and Muslims hating us. The Jews are Judaizing Christianity and subverting other religions. The Jews are even subverting atheistical and agnostic beliefs in ways that forgive Judaism as if quaint and harmless, while viciously attacking other religions as if a threat to mankind.

The Jews have successfully built up a cult of the Jew in America. Christian Zionists worship the Jewish people, rather than Christ. The American People defend Israel's interests rather than our own. We tolerate and even sponsor the Jewish attack against us. We place the Jews above the law, and criminalize any defense that arises against the Jewish attack against us.

The Jews created and maintain this cult of the Jew by controlling the information and contacts that the American people receive. The Jews control the press and educational process. The Jews have their people in the government. The Jews control the secret societies and dissent groups.

So how do we deprogram the members of the cult of the Jew? How do we free the minds of the Jewphile?

There are known and successful techniques for undoing the work of cults on the minds of their victims. We must:

1). Isolate members from the propaganda of the cult. This will be completed when the POWER PARTY seizes control over the powers of the State. For now, we must content ourselves with providing alternative sources of information which contradict the cult of the Jew's propaganda. We have to provoke people to think. The main objective of the Jew cult is to stop the thought process, and where that cannot be accomplished, to direct the thoughts of the Goyim to favor Jewish interests. Ron Paul and Naomi Wolf are modern examples of how this is done, which leads to method 2.

2). Discredit the cult leaders. Point out how their assertions contradict one another and disagree with proven fact and the basic rules of logic. This forces cult members to begin to think and make judgements on their own. It also diminishes the power of the Jew to control the debate and shakes members' blind allegiance to destructive ideas and personalities.

3). Provide an alternative paradigm which meets the psychological and practical needs of the former cult member. Show how the cult of the Jew is antithetical to all things truly American and how the cult consumes its members and destroys them.

4). Prompt cult members to consider past atrocities the Jews have committed and how these contradict cult propaganda. Teach cult members how the Jews have attacked America, when cult members falsely claim that Israel is an ally of the United States. Bring up the USS Liberty attack, Jewish spying on America, etc. Shake up the dogmatic and false belief systems the cult has imposed through brainwashing on cult members. Again, it is critical to prompt cult members to think, to open up their minds and to help them make rational decisions which benefit them, instead of the enemy.

5). Focus on logic and fact, rather than emotion. You will be shaking up the indoctrinated beliefs of deluded individuals and groups. This will provoke emotional responses. Your goal is to quell emotion and direct cult members to use the power of their own minds to determine what is true and what are lies.

6). Direct cult members away from their fanatical associations. Try to offer up a better support system for cult members than the Jews offer. Instruct cult members that the lies and bad situations the Jews create for them are destroying them, and then provide healthy alternatives. People tend to revert to past behaviors and beliefs when immersed in those same environments and when surrounded by those same people. Try to prevent recidivism.

7). Obey all laws and coax gently. Do not violate anyone's rights, nor break any laws. Do no harm.

8). Study deprogramming techniques and accumulate data on methods and their success rates. Use different methods for different types of people. For Christian Zionists, show how the Jews contradict the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament, and how the Jews hate Christians, seek to forbid Christianity on pain of death by decapitation, and how Christians have always warned against the mad aggression of the Jews. Of course, not all of these methods will work for Hindus or agnostics.

9). Demonstrate how the Jews censor and attempt to cut off discussion and close off the minds of cult members to alternative points of view. This will create suspicion in cult members and prompt them to think for themselves. Demonstrate Jewish hypocrisy by pointing out that the Jews are racist segregationists who accuse others of racism as a means of promoting their own racism and stifling debate and preventing any awareness of Jewish crimes. Show cult members the various means by which they are controlled and the price they pay for following the Jews.

Jewish Racism