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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Zionist TV 'Al-Arabia' faces prosecution over blasphemous report

Saudi TV station Al-Arabia, mired in controversy for broadcasting an irreligious report, is likely to face prosecution within the coming weeks.

The Jeddah court decided to take legal action against Al-Arabia after it sparked an outcry in the Muslim world for insulting the core Islamic values in a recently-aired report.

“We, as Muslims, condemn the publishing of this blasphemous report and will take necessary action against the TV station where it was published,” said the court in a recent statement, IRNA reported.

Al-Arabia is required to give an official apology and promise that it would never again issue abusive and derogatory reports.

Based in Dubai, Al Arabiya is Saudi-owned, like most of the media in the Arab world, and is considered the second most popular television network among Arabs, next only to Al Jazeera.

zionist rulers of arabia

On Friday, dozens of Lebanese stormed the 'unmanned' post belonging to the IDF, protesting the Zionist regime's violation of the Lebanese territory, AFP reports.