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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Spying for Israel: One down, many more to go.

Judge Rashid Mizher of Lebanon has ordered today,July 15th 2009, a death sentence for Marwan Kamel al Faqih, the spy and son of the spy who worked for none other than Israel.

Judge Mizher has issued an arrest warrant against Faqih,reason being he had been spying for the Apartheid State of Israel – And if this was not enough he was also supplying Israel with confidential information about the Lebanese resistance group Hezballah, the Lebanese Armed Forces and the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon. Marwan Kamel al Faqih is also being accused of visiting the Palestinian occupied territories, “meeting with Mossad officials and training to use advanced communication devices to contact Tel Aviv.”

Starting in 2005 Faqih entered the Palestinian occupied territories for the first time through Belgium to finish off the adulterous relations with Mossad.He supplied Mossad with confidential information on Hezballah,members of Hezballah and officials,”even those who were from his family” according to one report. If this was not enough,Mr.Faqih identified specific targets for Israel during the July 2006 war and caused them to be attacked – he gave away targets included schools, institutions, gas stations, mosques, cafes, hospitals, playgrounds in many places in the South of Lebanon including Nabatieh, Haroof, Shoukin, Kfar Jawz, and Kfar Remman.

The audacity of Mr.Faqih seems to be never ending once you are able to read the full story.
He was trusted to such an extent by Mossad that during the war in July in 2006 (wherein Israel killed over 1,200 Lebanese citizens) an Israeli officer called him to leave his home because they would be shelling a building for a family close by. More

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