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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Michael Jackson Who???

As crazy as it sounds, amidst the recent media hurricane of the last few weeks the question “Michael Jackson Who???“ is precisely what people worldwide–not just in the millions, but indeed the BILLIONS–would have been asking had certain news items gone differently. Stories so politically and emotionally charged that not only would they have bumped the news surrounding the demise of the King of Pop into 2nd place but as well more than likely resulted in something as serious as the mobilization of the military might of the world’s most powerful nation in setting things straight.

As it turned out however, despite the fact the stories were (are) so politically charged, the stinker in the whole thing is that they didn’t contain the “magic ingredients” necessary in making them blockbuster news stories. “Magic ingredients” of course is a euphemism, meaning factoids and figurisms exploitable in furthering the cause for criminal Jewish interests and more specifically, the headquarters of those interests, Israel. Given the fact that there was no hay to make out of these news stories therefore they were summarily and completely ignored as if having never taken place and instead the entire world was treated to a minute-by-minute monsoon of news coverage concerning the death of Michael Jackson, the latest body to float to the top of that unprecedentedly-depraved moral cesspool known as Jewish Hollywood.

The first big’un that should have made front page news for days on end and (had a few of its parameters been different) would have doubtless resulted in the military might of the US being brought to bear against the offending nation/parties was of course the hijacking of the SS Spirit of Humanity. While sailing in international waters, the Spirit of Humanity–a civilian ship loaded with humanitarian goods and scheduled to arrive at what is now the latest sacrificial altar of Jewish ritual murder known as Gaza–was accosted by Israeli attack boats in the middle of the night and stormed by masked gunmen in a scenario not unlike any wild west train robbery featuring armed desperadoes. Besides the fact this hijacking took place in international waters (making it a de-facto act of piracy) it also resulted in the kidnapping of a former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who was then thrown into an Israeli prison and kept there throughout the very same July 4th weekend when Americans celebrate their “freedom” from a hostile, predatory foreign power. More