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Monday, 16 March 2009

Osama attacks 'crooked' Arab leaders

An audio message purporting to be from Osama bin Laden has attacked 'crooked' Arab leaders for supporting the 'Holocaust in Gaza'.

In the recording, broadcast by Al-Jazeera television based in Qatar, a voice purporting to be the al-Qaeda leader attacked "moderate" leaders of Muslim countries for not strenuously opposing the Israeli offensive against Hamas.

"It has become clear that some Arab leaders were complicit with the Crusader Zionist alliance against our people," said the voice, which is yet to be verified.

"These are the leaders that America calls moderate. The countries of the Muslim world from Indonesia to Mauritania are divided into two: some of them are crooked, while others are even more crooked.

"The Holocaust of Gaza amid a long siege is an important historical event that confirms the importance of distinguishing between Muslims and hypocrites." More