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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

No recognition of the evil State

This is because evil must never be accepted as legitimate, and Israel is an intrinsically evil entity.....

To Arab despots

And now, a few words to Arab tyrants from Bahrain to Morocco who are trying to tell us that our enemy is Iran not Israel.

Well, when will you ever understand? Are you drunk? Are you stupid? Are you blind? Can’t you realize that your disgraceful embrace of the false American Qibla (1) is causing irreparable damage to the cause of Sunni Islam. Don’t your advisors and intelligence apparatuses and think tanks tell you that your continued whoring subservience to the American hubal (2) will make more and more Muslims and Arabs shun “the corrupt religion of the Sultan” in favor of truly dignified symbols of resistance, such as Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran.... More