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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Canadian Immigration Minister flayed for barring George Galloway but not Israeli war criminals

Those Fox TV flatulence emitters are even more dimwitted than most know.

While picking on Canada's capable soldiers waging an ill-fated war America started but couldn't bother to finish, they overlooked a golden target.

While those soldiers, or so we're told, are being maimed and killed to uphold Canadian values of freedom and democracy, our government is busy clamping down on peaceful dissent behind their backs.

Ottawa's decision to bar the entry of Scottish anti-war MP George Galloway on security grounds really is as cowardly and wimpy as soldiers fictitiously seeking pedicure siestas. It's probably preposterous enough to earn kudos from a certain Fox panel.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the MP for Calgary-Southeast, doesn't appreciate Galloway's laceratingly truthful attacks on Canadian foreign policy and refuses to reverse the entry ban.

Galloway's such a national security menace, our shakedown neighbours to the south won't embargo him.

But in a way, Galloway's presence is a threat: he's talking peace in a country governed by those losing ground justifying war.

And the MP's got plenty of uncomfortable ammunition.

Just as word of his ban arrived, so too did Israeli soldiers' admissions their comrades gunned down an elderly Palestinian woman and a fleeing mother and two children - just three of hundreds of Gaza civilians slaughtered. More