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Friday, 13 February 2009

Pakistan's Zionist Security Advisor

Interior Minister Rehman Malik held a press conference and said the Mumbai India attacks originated in terror cells in Pakistan. These cells may have government connections. Link

Rehman Malik was the person responsible for security of Benazir Bhutto. After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto there were many accusation against Rehman Malik for lax security and his absence. Link

Malik Is A Suspected Mossad Double Agent

Rehman Malik as chief of the Federal Investigation Agency launched a secret war against the Islamists. The Pakistani military was equally dismayed by reports of FIA contacts with the Israeli secret service, the MOSSAD, to investigate Islamist terrorists. Rehman Malik was also arrested on corruption charges. Link

Laying The Groundwork For A Nuclear Attack

The reasoning is - Pakistan has 130 nukes, they are Muslims, and if a bomb goes off in a US city it will be from Iran via Pakistan. Link