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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Zionist Israel Is Run By Terrorists

"What happpened to putting people on trial?" That was when there were real judges and an actual Department of Justice that wasn't in the pockets of those that have committed these war-crimes and crimes against humanity.

Since Bush refused to allow the USA to be a signatory to the International court (to protect himself and his flunkies) from criminal prosecution - there is no impartial court of law that will hear this case. And when there is no law then there is still vigilante justice. It's called 'consequences' for what they have been responsible for.

As for the difference between ordinary Germans and Nazis - that was only a political distinction, German soldiers were acting on orders handed down by the leader of the Nazi party - and had to bear the consequences for their actions, because those orders were in violation of the German Consitution that was very similar to ours before Hitler, like Bush, made their laws meaningless.

To quibble over the details of facts that were kept from the American public, supposedly in the interests of national security - when the truth was that the entire war in Iraq was totally without any foundation; bolstered by lies and twisted facts that served only to get us into that war: knowing full well that we had no exit strategy because we never had any plans to leave; only compounded the depth of this deception and the degree of the treachery that they were willing to add to being traitors to this nation. More