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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

War Crimes, Crimes against humanity, death, destruction... mean peace

ISRAEL has ignored mounting international calls for a ceasefire, vowing not to stop its crippling ten-day assault until "peace and tranquillity" was achieved in towns in the line of Palestinian rocket fire.

Israeli forces seized control of buildings and attacked smuggling tunnels and mosques in a campaign against Hamas militants that took an increasing toll on civilians. Three young brothers were reported to have been killed during shelling and Palestinian wounded filled hospital corridors.

Three Israeli soldiers were killed last night when an errant tank shell hit their position outside Gaza City, the Israeli military said, and 24 were wounded, one critically and three seriously.

The incident brought the death toll among Israeli soldiers since the invasion began to four.

Five civilians were killed when a shell fired by an Israeli ship hit their house on the Gaza shore, hospital officials said. Palestinians said Israeli attacks intensified before dawn today.

Arab delegates met the United Nations Security Council in New York yesterday, urging members to adopt a resolution calling for an immediate end to the Israeli attacks. More

Israel kills 215 kids, 98 women in Gaza