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Saturday, 24 January 2009

USSA soldiers gun down Iraqi couple

US soldiers kill an Iraqi couple and wound their eight-year-old daughter during a raid on their house near the northern city of Kirkuk.

How the baby Killers end up
Major-General Turhan Abdul Rahman, deputy chief commander of police in the Kurdish province of Kirkuk, said that US forces stormed the house of Dhiya Hussein, a former Saddam Hussein army officer killing him and his wife and injuring his eight-year-old daughter.

A US military spokesman confirmed that a man and a woman had been killed and a child wounded in the raid, saying the raid was a combined operation with Iraqi security forces against al-Qaeda in Iraq networks.

"When coalition and Iraqi forces were clearing the building, they entered a room and saw the woman reaching under a mattress," he claimed.

"The force repeatedly gave instructions in Arabic for the woman to show her hand, but she failed to comply. Perceiving hostile intent, forces engaged and killed her," he said, adding that a pistol was later found under the mattress.

He said that after the killing of the woman, a man 'physically' attacked the US forces and 'acting in self-defense', the forces 'engaged' and killed the man.

This is while the Iraqi police general said no Iraqi troops were present during the raid. More