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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Resistance is all we have in Gaza

In a speech from Damascus, Khaled Meshaal, Hamas' political leader spoke on the events arising from Israel's ongoing 15-day raid on the Gaza Strip:

The edited text of the Saturday televised address follows:

The Zionists wanted to impose a humiliating defeat on us because the only obstacle to confront them is resistance, especially in the Gaza Strip.

Perhaps the Zionists, because of the difference between the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza, thought that in comparison with Hezbollah, we were weak and they could regain the reputation of their army following its defeat in Lebanon. They tried to use the territories of Gaza to show their military might.

So this is a battle of demonstrating military strength, a fight or war to impose a defeat on our people. The Zionists thought that we were the weakest. However, the Zionists were surprised by the resistance.

All our supporters in the Arab and Islamic world as well as the West should be sure that the resistance in Gaza is in its best situation.

The resistance was able to absorb the strikes of the enemy and then take the initiative and day by day, we are seeing new surprises by the Palestinian resistance. More