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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Phosphorous Bomb Rain Over Northern Gaza

GAZA - Blankets of white clouds covered the skies over Gaza, including the refuge camps in Khan Younis, Beit Lahia and Gaza City.On Saturday Israeli F16 warplanes launched attacks using phosphorus bombs on the Block 2 section inside the densely populated Jabalya Refuge Camp.Many residents of Jabalya escaped the area covering their faces, searching for a safe shelter in the home of relatives and friends in the neighboring Beit Lahia from the Israelis "Cast Lead Operation". Gaza has always been the Israelis “testing ground” - from nerve agents used in Khan Younis in 2003, to Sonic Boom “phantom air raids”,and the use of DIME in the Israelis massacre called " Operation Summer Rain" over Gaza year 2006.

In the dark night the terrifying sound of Drones [small, pilot less planes,] can be heard overflying the northern parts of Gaza Strip.Most deaths and injuries from Israelis air strikes, are caused by Drones. Drones are using precise remote-controlled devices to launch missiles against targets.A Drone can launch bombs, also take photos of the small number plates on cars thousands of meters below on the ground, also recognise and track location of the signals from mobile phones. More