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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Olmert: Arab leaders encourage me to continue the aggression

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has affirmed Wednesday that he was encouraged by a number of Arab leaders not to halt aggression on the Gaza Strip or fighting Hamas.

The Israeli massacre in Gaza had reaped close to 400 Palestinian lives, many were children and women, and injured around 2000 others, at least 200 of them were reportedly in critical conditions.

The Hebrew Haaretz newspaper quoted Olmert as saying that a number of Arab leaders have encouraged him to continue military pressure on Hamas, and not to stop the military operation against Gaza.

According to Olmert, he doesn’t care about proposals for truce in Gaza from European parties, and that he would continue the battle till Hamas accepts the truce on Israel's terms.

Close to 10000 IOF reservists were called to the borders of Gaza Strip in preparation of apparently inevitable land blitz in the coming few days.

The paper also alleged that Olmert has set four conditions before he agrees to cessations of hostilities in the tiny Gaza Strip.

According to his conditions, Palestinian factions to stop unleashing locally-made rockets on Israeli settlements in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, to stop smuggling weapons and ammunitions through tunnels along the Gaza-Egypt borders, and to establish a supervisory system to ensure that Hamas would implement the conditions.