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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Nasrallah: Arabs have much to learn from Chavez

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, dubbed as the most popular leader in the Arab world, addressed a crowd of Lebanese supporters in a videoconference on January 07, 2008. The following is part of his speech.

The brutal truth, the truth of the brutality and hostility and racism of Israel should be an additional motive to continue our refusal to recognize the Zionist entity.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Cutting relations with Israel and halting any normalization of ties with Israel and describing the appropriate massacres it has committed in Gaza today is the easiest thing we can do as our duty.

This is the easiest thing that the leaders and the people of the region can do. Yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced that he would expel the Israeli ambassador in Venezuela. He, of course, did this in order to show his support for the Palestinians. Venezuela is very close to America, it is a neighbor of America. This is Chavez. He did this because of his humanity, his sense of revolution and, in this way, he dealt a severe blow to those who are now hosting the ambassadors of Israel in their capitals and do not have enough courage to even think about telling them to leave.

Today, Arab leaders need to take lessons from this Latin American leader. They have to learn how to show support for the people of Palestine.

My dear brothers and sisters, More