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Friday, 9 January 2009

Mutiny in Egyptian Camp over Gaza Massacre

The Qatari “Arab” newspaper said that Egyptian security officers disobeyed orders in protest at the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

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The daily quoted the Egyptian “Sawt el-Umma” Arabic for the “Voice of the Nation” weekly that members of the Egyptian security apparatus in the Nasser Central Security camp refused orders to take guard shifts at the Rafah crossing on the border with Gaza.

The daily said that the officers demanded their command to go to Gaza to defend it, not to ban Gazans from entering Egypt, stressing Interior Ministry services detained three of the officers and sent another group to provisional arrest for allegedly leading the mutiny.

The Arab daily added that the officers refused to follow higher orders to go to the Rafah crossing and block the entrance of Palestinians into Egypt and ban “Islamic Brotherhood” humanitarian aid convoys from heading to the crossing. “If we were to go there, then let us cross and fight Israel,” one of the officers told his commanders according to the newspaper. Egyptian authorities have detained dozens of those recruits after the Egyptian interior ministry dispatched a force to control the situation, the daily said. It also said that there is serious concern in the ministry of interior that more mutiny cases could take place in other camps, adding that an aid to Egypt’s interior minister denied the incident of mutiny.