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Monday, 5 January 2009

Mauritania recalls its ambassador in Israel

The government of Mauritania is recalling its ambassador from Israel in the aftermath of the invasion of Gaza.

Junta police trying to stop protester from reaching israel embassy
Mauritania is one of only three Arab League countries to have diplomatic ties with the Nazi terrorist 'state'.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Babah Ould Sidi Abdalla said Monday that Mauritania's ambassador in Tel Aviv had been ordered to return "for consultations."

Abdalla declined to comment further and did not explicitly say the move was made in protest.

On Sunday, security forces fired tear gas to disperse people in Mauritania's capital who were protesting the incursion into Gaza.

At least 10 civilians and several riot police were injured and hospitalized, according to an Associated Press reporter at the scene. Next!...

Demonstrators in Mauritania condemn the ruling junta's links with Israel
over it's incursion into the Gaza Strip. The junta is performing a challenging
balancing act of wooing US support and fostering local goodwill.