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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Lawful Authorities and Legal Precedents for the Tagging of Jews With Yellow Badges as a Measure of Self Defense From the Genocidal Jews

Americans have been taught to recoil with horror when viewing images of Jews wearing yellow badges. Americans are taught to immediately equate tagged Jews with piles of emaciated Jewish corpses that were allegedly gassed to death by Nazis.

If the Nazis had universally tagged Jews with yellow badges, then Reinhard Heydrich, who allegedly designed the final solution of the Jewish question, would have worn a yellow badge, because he was of Jewish descent. The self-described "Zionist" and full blooded Jew Adolf Eichmann would also have worn a yellow badge, as would the Dutch Jew Joseph Goebbels. Had these Jews worn yellow badges, then the final solution to the Jewish problem would likely have been designed by other men than these, and would likely have been a solution other than segregation and Zionism.

If the Jews who orchestrated and led the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution had been forced to wear yellow badges and yellow hats, then the Russians would not likely have let these murderous Jews lead the Russians into an abyss. The Jew Lazar Kaganovich, and Joseph Stalin's wives, would have been forced to wear yellow badges, as would the countless Jews among the upper echelons of Soviet power, and nearly all Soviet commissars. The Ukrainians and other Slavs, indeed the entire World, would have seen the common link between these mass murderers. Then, perhaps, the tens of millions of Slavs the Jews genocided would have survived the genocidal Jews.

If the Jews who orchestrated and led the "Young Turk Revolution" had been forced to wear yellow badges, then the 1.5 million Armenians the Jews genocided would perhaps have survived the genocidal Jews. And maybe, just maybe, if Madeleine Albright, Paul Wolfowitz, Judith Miller, Richard Pearle, William Kristol, etc. etc. etc. had all been forced to wear yellow badges, then perhaps the million-plus Iraqis that have been murdered by the United States of America at the urging of the Jews, would have instead survived.

Contrary to the Pavlovian conditioning the Jews have instilled in the American mind, it appears that the best means we have to prevent piles of millions of human corpses is to tag the Jews, all the Jews, and most especially the Jews in the government and the Jews in the press.

This conclusion predates the Nazis--and there were sincere Nazis who wanted to spare Europeans the horror of the Jewish Bolsheviks--by many centuries. Long before the Nazis, many nations found it necessary to tag the murderous Jews, and/or segregate and/or expel the Jews. More