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Monday, 12 January 2009

Israel Commits Genocide; Arabs, UN Do Nothing

Time to overthrow and Send All the Nazi Arab Leaders and their servants to live in Nazi israel. All of them No not one exception!

The head of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc MP Michel Aoun renewed on Monday his condemnation for the Israeli deadliest offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, slamming the United Nations for falling short in dealing with the political, military and humanitarian crisis.

Speaking to reporters following his bloc's weekly meeting, Aoun also accused the Arabs of not doing enough to rescue the besieged Gaza strip.

"This is tantamount to partnership with Israel in committing the crime," Aoun stressed.

"What is happening in Gaza is genocide, a crime against humanity and a war crime, and the United Nations and its officials have fallen short in dealing with the situation there," Aoun emphasized.

The FPM leader, meanwhile, noted that the Lebanese Army and the Resistance’s arms were capable of fending off Israel aggression from Lebanon.

They spit in our faces

The UN Security Council has failed to stop massive Israeli war crimes in Gaza