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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Israel begins fresh Massacres on Gaza

Caged, starved, sniped, suffocated. They are slaughtered like sheep, but the leaders of the 'free world' just cannot seem to find a moment to comment. Golfing, vacationing, Obama, Bush, even the EU, they just aren’t important enough...

Israel has unleashed fresh terror attacks on Gaza in defiance of a recent UN Security Council resolution that calls for an urgent ceasefire.

Israeli fighter jets and ground forces have attacked a mosque and three houses in Gaza as the onslaught on the coastal strip entered its fifteenth day.

Video footage showed columns of smoke rising form the scene of the blasts.

There has been no immediate report of casualties.

The attacks were launched in spite of UN Security Council resolution 1860, which calls for an 'immediate' and 'durable' halt to Israel's Operation Cast Lead on the Palestinian territory.

Tel Aviv, however, says the UN decision is "not practical" and that it does not act upon international requests.

Israel attacked Gaza on December 27 and has so far killed 804 Palestinians and wounded at least 3,330 others including women and children.

The United Nations said Thursday that at lease one-third of the dead or injured in Gaza are children.

Hamas says Palestinian resistance fighters have killed at least 30 Israeli soldiers and wounded more than 80 others since the start of the Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv has only confirmed the death of 10 soldiers and says that only 80 other IDF troops are wounded. PressTV