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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Israel bars International Red Cross from entering Gaza

For a second day running, Israeli authorities have barred a Red Cross medical team from entering Gaza to help treat residents injured in bombings.

"The ICRC had notified the authorities of the team's arrival in advance, but they have been awaiting authorization to enter the (Gaza) Strip since Friday morning," the International Committee of the Red Cross said in a statement on Saturday.

The same border crossing has been opened for other aid workers and foreigners seeking to leave Gaza, the Red Cross said, even as its own members -- including a surgeon tasked to help with complex operations at Gaza's Shifa Hospital -- were denied access.

"It is absolutely essential that this team get into Gaza now, as this is when they are most needed," said Pierre Wettach, who heads Red Cross operations in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Gaza hospitals continue to take in more victims from the Israeli onslaught, the Red Cross said, including the bodies of nine children on Saturday, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Israeli artillery on Saturday bombarded the Gaza Strip in an escalation of the campaign against Hamas that has left more than 450 Palestinians dead since it started December 27. Link

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