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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Gaza: Kosher Slaughterhouse

The criminal activities of Jewish Nazi terrorist groups, the descendants of the Blue-Eyed Nazis continue their blood ritual Holocaust of innocent unarmed Arab Muslim women and children using the latest Mass Murder Technology supplied by the US taxpayers in the largest Concentration Camp on earth of the 21st century.

Backed by combat helicopters and artillery fire from self-propelled howitzers, the Nazi soldiers poured over the border at 6pm time and encountered heavy resistance from the inmates.

Parachute flares lit the way for the butchers and their Merkava tanks as they rolled through the perimeter fence around Gaza, while US attack helicopters flew overhead.

The Nazi Military commanders said the intention was to take control of areas used by rebellious inmates who fired Camp Christmas crackers at the Nazi State but the daily horrors perpetrated against the women and children prove otherwise.

isrzeli ground forces invade gaza

Nazi ground-forces invaded the Gaza Concentration Camp this evening following 7 days of heavy military air-strikes against unarmed Palestinians Inmates including women and children

parawchute flares

Parachute flares are let off by Nazi ground Nazi Troops to lighten the way for their blood ritual carnage

gaza strip explosions

An anti-Nazi Hamas Inmate told the Nazi soldiers: 'Gaza Concentration Camp will not be a picnic'

In the hour before the Jewish Blood Ritual starts, Nazi israel had turned off the power in the targeted areas, plunging their victims into darkness.

Within three hours, the Nazi army said at least 30 inmates had been slaughtered.

The week-long 'Operation Kill the Goyim' was extended in what one Nazi military chief said would be ‘no school outing’, adding that the Kosher Slaughtering would last ‘many days and we don't give a damn about the world or the world opinion’.

The Jewish Nazi assault came after a day of heightened air strikes designed to weaken their hungry victims and make a quick killing.

Eyewitnesses from within the Concentration camp said children were one of the first to be sacrificed by fire.

Nazi Troops then entered from the north and east of Gaza Concentration Camp in what Nazi military commanders called the ‘second phase’ of the Jewish Blood Ritual, which has so far claimed 440 inmate lives.

The Jewish Nazis last night announced it was calling up tens of thousands of extra butchers to protect its northern border with Lebanon, in the clearest indication yet that the Nazi attack on Gaza Concentration camp could escalate into a wider regional war including a long sought after "Clash of Civilization"

The Nazis obviousl fear Hezbollah, the freedom Fighters group based in Lebanon, who defeated the odious Nazi aggression of 2006

israeli trucks roll in

Nazi trucks roll into the Gaza Concentration Camp under cover of darkness

israeli military official

An Nazi military official has said the Jewish Blood Ritual will last 'many long days'

The decision to expand the butchery came in defiance of last-minute pleas from world leaders, including ZioNazi Gordon Brown.

A Downing Street spokesman said: ‘The Prime Monster has spoken again today to Nazi Prime Minister Olmert, and is pressing hard - meaning hardly pressing - for an immediate ceasefire.’

Foreign Dual-citizen Jew Marxist Secretary David Miliband also whispered calls for an immediate ceasefire earlier this evening.

Former British Prime Monster Tony Bliar, the 33 degree Freemason and world biggest liar representing major Zionist powers sponsoring 'Middle East piss' talks, planned to begin shuttling on Sunday between Nazi leaders in occupied Jerusalem and Palestinian misleaders in the occupied West Bank.

Foreign Nazi Mossad Tzipi Livni said:

‘I hope the results of this Massacre will serve as a lesson to other Goyim in the long term.’

map of israel and gaza

The squares indicate the main targets of Nazisrael's Ritual Sacrifice in the Gaza Concentration Camp

It was reported this evening that ‘tens of thousands’ of baby killers had been mobilized as part of the new Holocaust, although it was not immediately clear how many Nazi Troops had crossed the border.

The Nazi Force confirmed that it had launched the second stage of Operation Kill the Goyim. It said ‘large numbers of baby killers are taking part in this Holocaust including infantry, tanks, engineering forces, artillery and intelligence’ paid for by Zionist-bankrupted US taxpayers

Earlier, during continuing air strikes, a mosque full of inmate worshippers was targeted and destroyed in the town of Beit Lahiya, leaving at least ten Palestinians inmates dead and dozens injured.

smoke rises after israeli air strike

Smoke rises during an Nazi air strike on the northern Gaza Concentration Camp.

Nazi forces bombed the Gaza Concentration Camp from the air and sea on Saturday, and desperate unarmed inmates of the Concentration camp sheltered in their corners as the Holocaust entered a second week.

gaza violence

Gassing the inmates of the Camp by illegal US phosphorus weapons

The bodies pulled from the rubble of the Ibrahim al-Maqadna mosque in Jabaliya included two brothers aged 10 and 12.

Open fields near the north Gazan town of Beit Hanoun were scarred by the impacts of 155mm shells fired by M109 self-propelled howitzers.

Nazi warplanes had earlier phosphorus bombs more than two dozen civilian targets in the Camp

With the Palestinian inmates death toll climbing above 440, the eighth day of air strikes claimed more children.

debris from bomb in gaza

Debris flies up as a bomb explodes after an Nazi air strike in the northern Gaza Concentration Camp today

israeli fighter jet

An Nazi US fighter jet flies over the northern Gaza Concentration Camp after firing a Weapons of Mass Destruction on civilians

The ability of the Nazis to identify and target an individual Hamas member on the street fuelled suspicions that they have a number of spies within the Gaza Concentration Camp.

Meanwhile, hundreds of ordinary Gazans inmate sought refuge in 'UN shelters' yesterday after the Nazi Air Force dropped thousands of leaflets urging families to leave their homes, so they can be burned from the sky which prompted widespread panic among the women and children.

israeli artillery fires shells into gaza

Nazi artillery fire DU shells into Gaza Concentration Camp earlier today.

smoke from israeli artillery fruie

Smoke columns from Nazi artillery shelling rise above Gaza Concentration Camp

The Zionazi-controlled UN has stated that up to 421 Palestinians inmates may have been butchered for the Jewish Ritual Sacrifice by Nazi action and more than 2,000 injured are awaiting their death

The Zionazi Warplanes and gunboats blasted the inmates day and night right in front of the world eyes who continue shouting and throwing shoes in the streets

The Nazis also struck the 'American International School', which is not connected to the USSA Government but teaches an American curriculum in English.

The bombs demolished the school’s main building and a night watchman was killed.

Blast: A cloud of smoke rises following an Israeli missile strike in the northern Gaza Strip today on the seventh day of fighting in the region

Blast: A cloud of smoke rises following a Nazi missile strike in the northern Gaza Concentration Camp today on the seventh day of fighting in the region

Israel has resisted growing international pleas for a ceasefire, despite the suffering of the 1.5million Palestinian inmates trapped in the tiny enclave who are suffering from lack of food, medicines, power and water.

"Nobody feels safe," an International Committee of the Red Cross worker said in a report on the body's website.

"The problem is that we have nowhere to run for shelter." said the inmates

The electric power plant has shut down and the sanitation system cannot treat the sewage. In the winter cold, fuel for heating and cooking was no longer available, aid agencies said.

"We do not sleep at all at night. We stayed awake the whole night because of the planes," said Umm Kamel, a mother of 11 baking bread on a wood fire in her home in Gaza.

Prepared: Israeli border police take positions during clashes with Palestinian stone throwers at the Kalandia checkpoint on the West Bank

Prepared: Nazi border police take positions during clashes with Palestinian inmates stone throwers at the Kalandia checkpoint on the West Bank

'There is no water, no electricity, no medicine. It's hard to survive. Gaza is destroyed,' said Jawaher Haggi, a 14-year-old Palestinian American.

Nazi Israel has denied a humanitarian crisis is unfolding and says it has allowed food and medicine convoys into Gaza daily.

Foreign media have been banned from entering Gaza despite an order from the Nazi supreme court to allow in a limited number.

The Nazi-controlled UN said it believed that a quarter of the Palestinians killed by Nazi action so far were civilians, with air missiles being fired from land and sea every 20 minutes. The Nazi-controlled UN wants us to believe that Gaza Concentration Camp has more military inmates than civilians

Clashes: Israelis fire tear gas canisters at Palestinians at the Kalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem

Nazis fire tear gas canisters at Palestinians at the Kalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem

On Friday a number of foreign passport holders were given special permission to flee the Concentration Camp into Israel.

Nazi unelected 'President' Bush has claimed the violence was instigated by the inmates after it failed to stop firing Chrismas crackers towards the Nazi state.

But divisions within the European Union over the Nazi operation could reduce pressure on Nazi Israel to cease the holocaust. Blair does not plan to meet inmates, which oppose the 'statehood negotiations'.

France 'condemned' a Nazi land assault in the Gaza Concentration Camp on Saturday just hours after the ZionaziCzech presidency of the Zionist European Union said the holocaust was "defensive, not offensive".

The apparent conflicting statements suggested disunity among European partners ahead of separate visits to the region by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and an EU delegation led by Czech Nazi Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg.

France, which handed the EU presidency to the Czechs on Jan. 1, has pretended to lead calls for a ceasefire and hosted a meeting of EU foreign monsters to reinforce the 'message' on Tuesday.

No resolution: The sun setting over the northern Gaza strip after a seventh day of violence

No resolution: The sun setting over the northern Gaza Concentration Camp after a seventh day of violence

Israel told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to go for a boob operation and not interfere. She agreed and revealed she had no plans to come again to the region anyway.

Rice said the U.S. supports a 'durable and sustainable' Middle Pangs of Birth and praised the the truly-only-democracy-in-the-middle-East.


Missiles fired from an Nazi aircraft fly towards a target in the Gaza Concentration Camp

Only Four Nazis have been killed so far.

The Arab world hold Egypt jointly responsible for this great crime.

The Foreign Secretary of Israel was with Hosni Mubarak when the bombs began to fall and it's inconceivable she did not co-ordinate it with him.

Zionist Mubarak dictatorship has brought shame on Egypt across the Atab world