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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Zionist Genocidal Killers Use Israel's U.S. Colony to Obstruct Any U.N. Condemnation

Israel’s escalation of the violence in the Gaza Strip and two-week blockade of the region has given rise to a wave of opposition throughout the world.

Representatives of Arab countries at the United Nations and the 57 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference have called for a UN Security Council session to be convened on the critical situation in Gaza.

Libya, which held the Security Council rotating presidency for the month of January, presented a draft statement to the Security Council which called on the Zionist regime to halt its crimes and lift the blockade.

The draft statement was studied by the 15 Security Council members, and all -- except the United States -- supported it.

Even amendments to the draft statement, which included a requirement that the Palestinians stop the rocket attacks on the occupied territories launched from Gaza, were not able to end Washington’s intransigence on the resolution.

On Wednesday, Security Council President Giadalla Ettalhi plainly declared that the council’s efforts to adopt a statement on Gaza had failed.

The U.S. obstructionism has once again proven that the Security Council can not issue a non-binding statement condemning the Zionist regime, even over the humanitarian crisis it has caused in Gaza.

The United States had demanded that Hamas should be condemned before Israel was censured and that the prisoner of war, Zionist soldier Gilad Shalit, should be promptly released.

The two issues are not related to the Gaza crisis and the U.S. only proposed these conditions to ensure that no Security Council resolution was passed. More