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Monday, 4 February 2008

US plans to settle Palestinians in Lebanon

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
The US is preparing a plan to settle the Palestinian refugees permanently in Lebanon in return for writing off 30% of its foreign debts.

According to the Al-Nahar daily, certain US political circles have prepared a plan by which Palestinians are required to recognize Israel's Jewish identity.

As per the plan, Israel will deny the Palestinian refugees their right of return to their homes in the occupied territories, Press TV's Beirut bureau reports.

These political circles are reportedly also seeking to force the Lebanese government to provide for the settlement of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in return for writing off 30 percent of its foreign debts.

The group involved in devising the plan is said to have contacted wealthy Arab countries, calling for their financial and political support for the plan, the daily quoted diplomatic sources as saying.

They rejected any relation between the plan for the permanent settlement of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the ongoing political crisis in the country.

The diplomatic sources also denied the existence of any link with such security cases as international investigation into the killing of the former Lebanese prime minister, Rafiq Hariri, and other similar acts of terrorism, saying that no evidence had been produced so far to connect Palestinians to such acts. Press TV