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Friday, 8 February 2008

Troops suspected of abusing Palestinian teens

Three soldiers belonging to Kfir Brigade detained on suspicion of abusing two Palestinian boys; troops allegedly placed heater against face of one teenager; two soldiers admit to charges, judge slams 'cruel, violent conduct'

Kfir soldiers are at it again? Three IDF soldiers belonging to the Haruv battalion of the Kfir Brigade were detained Wednesday by Military Police investigators on suspicion of beating up two Palestinian boys and placing a heater against the face of one of them, Ynet has learned.

Kfir forces have been implicated in incidents involving problematic conduct twice in recent months. In one case, troops abducted a Palestinian taxi driver without authorization, while recently troops belonging to the brigade were videotaped exposing their rear ends to Palestinians and international activists in the West Bank.

In the most recent affair, there are also suspicions that the troops attempted to cover up the incident in question. A military judge who reviewed the evidence noted that it shows a "shocking picture of a joint effort by the three" and ordered that they be kept in custody for five days. All three soldiers were on the brink of completing their mandatory IDF service. More

Hebron: IDF soldiers expose themselves to Palestinians the video

VIDEO - IDF soldiers who arrived at the Maon Farm settlement outpost near the West Bank city of Hebron exposed their rear ends to Palestinians in an attempt to make them evacuate nearby grazing fields, Palestinian sources and foreign peace activists claimed Sunday.

On Sunday, the soldiers were sentenced to 21 days incarceration in a military prison and suspended from operational duty until further notice.

Ynet has received exclusive footage of the incident, which took place on January 11.

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