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Sunday, 3 February 2008


When I was ready to start going to kindergarten, Mom said “You will love it! It’s fun!!” …. I didn’t and it wasn’t!!!

When I had to have my tonsils out she assured me that it wouldn’t hurt… IT DID!!!

Going to spend a weekend with Aunt so and so and Uncle whatsis will be a fun time….. Sheesh…. almost as much fun as getting the tonsils out….

We’ve all been there… we all had those little white lies told to us…. in fact, we have repeated them to our own children and grandchildren….

But in some cases certain lies were not meant to be lies…. but they were. I was told early in life that the establishment of the State of Israel was a good thing. It was a blow to British imperialism and therefore must be looked at as a progressive move.

On the day of Independence the Jews in my neighbourhood in Brooklyn were literally dancing in the streets… a joy to behold. I was unaware of the fact that in the Arab community to the north of us people were preparing to welcome their refugee brothers into their homes…. refugees displaced by a new brand of imperialism, zionism.

Not long before this, we too welcomed our surviving family members from Eastern Europe into our homes, broken people with broken lives…

They spoke of the horrors they experienced… the horrors that nobody cared about….

The refugees in the Arab neighbourhoods were saying the same thing… using the same words…. HOW COULD THIS BE??? Momma said Israeli independence would be a good thing… FOR WHOM???

Certainly not for the four and a quarter million Palestinians that were forced to leave.

Sixty years later the zionists still cry about the suffering they endured … sixty years later the Palestinians are STILL suffering. Where is the justice, when will it end???

Would things be any different today if our mothers didn’t lie to us? It’s up to us, more than anyone else to make things right….. NOW!