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Thursday, 31 January 2008

| Zionazi PM Olmert and Henchmen Face A Most 'Damning' Report

'Winograd report will hold up a mirror to Israel's face'
Source involved in work of commission probing failures of Second Lebanon War tells Ynet core of report to be released Wednesday will deal with Israeli army ethos, interface between IDF and Israeli society

The final Winograd report will hold up a mirror to the Israeli society's face, a source involved in the work of the commission probing the failures of the Second Lebanon War told Ynet on Tuesday evening, as the political arena and the senior military echelon prepared for the release of the report Wednesday.

According to the source, the core of the report will deal with the ethos of the Israeli army and with the interface between the IDF and the Israeli society.
A day before the report's publication, it appeared that its aim was not to prompt resignations, but rather to draw lessons and prepare the State of Israel for the coming years.

The final report will be comprised of an analysis of the fighting, including the IDF principle and issues such as the army's preparedness, the building of power, the activation of power, the battle's results, the commanders' training and the motivation perception.

The report will also deal with the decisions of the political echelon, including the decision on the truce conditions and the fighting on the last two days after the United Nations Security Council adopted the ceasefire resolution. More