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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

High Court approves limiting Gaza power supply

Judges rule that Israel is not obligated to care for welfare of Strip's residents, add Gaza controlled by murderous terrorist organization bent on hurting Israelis

The High Court of Justice rejected Wednesday the petitions against the limiting of power and fuel supply to the Gaza Strip.

The judges noted that Israel has had no effective control over the Gaza Strip since September 2005, and that therefore "it is not obligated to care for the welfare of the Strip's residents or allow the transfer of unlimited amounts of goods and commodities." They added, however, that Israel was obliged "to allow the supply of essential humanitarian aid".

The ruling was issued in response to a petition by the Adalah and Gisha organizations, which asked for an injunction ordering Israel to open the crossings to Gaza and supply diesel fuel to the Strip. In their petition, the organizations claimed that by imposing a blockade on Gaza, Israel was "collectively punishing civilians, in violation of international law." More